Lightning and surge protection for natural gas compressor stations

Non-stop gas transport - safeguard supply -  protect systems and people

Gas compressor stations compensate losses in pressure due to transportation. They are important hubs in the natural gas grid - making it possible to transport gas from the point of extraction to consumption.

Direct lightning strikes, transients or surges from the grid can lead to failure of parts of a system or even the whole system. If this is the case, the grid operators are no longer supplied with sufficient gas which means that the consumers in industry and private housholds do not get any gas either.

Save time and expense

Getting a broken-down compressor station back on the grid is expensive and involves a lot of work. Not to forget the time issue - how long will the station be unable to transport gas? Can the delivery agreements be upheld or is there a risk of contractual penalties? Don't let it come to this

Protect employees

There is a danger of explosion when lightning strikes ex areas; Either as a result of a direct strike or sparking caused by partial lightning currents and interaction.


Safeguard the availability of the system and protect your employees.
Put your trust in a well-founded lightning protection concept.

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