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Basic technologies

Technologies - in a nutshell

High-quality, easy to install and practical products which always comply with the latest standards. This is the driving force behind the continuous development of our products.

In our product catalogue, you will come across various symbols indicating the applied technology.

For arresters in power supply systems

RAC spark gap technology

The RAC (Rapid Arc Control) spark gap technology limits mains follow currents.

This means

  • Fast build-up of a maximum countervoltage which quickly limits possible mains follow currents
    Upstream fuses are only minimally loaded due to the reduced let-through integral. Tripping of 32A gG fuses (up to 25 kArms) is avoided which significantly improves system availability.
    The fast reduction of the mains follow current reduces the load on the arrester and increases its service life.
  • Fast uptake of the interference / lightning impulse
    This significantly reduces the energy load on downstream terminal devices, thus increasing their service life. This reduces costs for the operator since less repairs are needed and devices do not have to be replaced as soon.

ACI technology

ACI - Advanced Circuit Interruption - The highest level of device safety and system availability.

The integrated switch-spark gap combination eliminates the need for a backup fuse. Your advantage: this rules out the danger of making dimensioning errors when selecting a backup fuse.

TOV withstand and lack of leakage current mean high durability. The smaller connection cross-section also makes it easier to install.

Integrated backup fuse

Products carrying this symbol already have a backup fuse integrated in the arrester.

For you this means:

  • Less space needed
  • Lower installation costs
  • Reduced wiring time
  • Shorter connecting cables

To be found in the product families DEHNvenCI, DEHNbloc Maxi S, DEHNguard … CI and V(A) NH.

Wave breaker function

A high-performance spark-gap-based type 1 arrester, like a wave breaker, breaks the energy flooding in down to a much lower level.

This protects the electrical installation and spares downstream type 2 and 3 arresters, thus prolonging their service life.

Direct Current Disconnection

No zero crossings when using surge arresters in DC applications? The disconnector must be sure to switch here, too.

The DCD technology acts like a wedge which reliably interrupts the direct current. For you this means the prevention of fire damage caused by DC switching arcs. This symbol can be found on all the products in the DEHNguard SE DC family.

For arresters in information technology


This symbol can be found on universal combined arresters. Arresters with actiVsense automatically detect the signal voltage applied and adapt the voltage protection level to it, in a voltage range of up to 180 V.

This gives you the flexibility to use the arrester for different interfaces and the devices and systems connected always enjoy optimum protection.

Compact 3-in-1 protection

This symbol tells you that 3 interfaces are protected by just one device.

For you this means:

  • Less space needed
  • Faster wiring
  • Lower installation costs


LifeCheck permanently monitors the condition of the arrester. It detects electrical and thermal loads on the protection components and keeps you reliably informed.

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