Electric battery storage systems
DEHN protects electric battery storage systems

Protect electric battery storage systems

Battery storage systems store the excess energy produced by PV systems and feed it back into the grid when required. This counterbalances fluctuations and peak loads in the power supply network.

Surges, direct lightning strikes put your battery storage system at risk.

Lightning discharge jeopardises the sensitive electronics required for the process of loading and discharging. The surges which occur often exceed the dielectric strength of the electronic components installed many times over. Network-related voltage peaks can also damage electronic parts.

In fact, just ONE defective component in the chain could be enough to cause the whole battery storage system to malfunction. The operator then has to resort to other systems in order to fulfil his contractual obligations. A very costly process for him.

Minimise expensive maintenance and repair work. Safeguard the availability of your storage system. With a customised lightning and surge protection concept.

Electric battery storage systems
Electric battery storage systems

Sample application VARTA

Electric battery storage systems
Sample application VARTA

Always available

PV systems in combination with storage facilities are increasingly used and make it possible to use a higher proportion of the PV energy generated on site.

Direct and indirect effects of lightning as well as transient overvoltages endanger the availability and economic efficiency of the entire system.

Opt for a professional, integrated protection concept and get maximum safety from one source.


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