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DEHN protects smart grids

Solutions for smart grids

In the power grid of the future, power generation will be decentral. An increasing number of distribution networks are taking green power from PV systems and wind turbines and transporting it in all directions. As a result, we now have a multi-directional flow of energy. Widescale networking of different smart technologies is becoming commonplace.

Modern technology = higher risk

Operators, therefore, need to pay more attention to the protection of their systems. Smart telecontrols, data and communications technology require an increasing number of electronic components. This leads to a greater risk of damage to electronic devices due to

  • Lightning interference
  • Surges
  • Electromagnetic interference
  • Arc fault protection system (to the topic)

Surge protection for power supply systems and IT systems

Reliable power supply thanks to highly available distribution grids

Nowadays, downtime as a result of damage to electrical and electronic devices is becoming more and more frequent.

This means unnecessary additional costs for the operator ... and the question remains “How can I guarantee supply reliability?” 

Opt for a comprehensive protection concept with solutions for surge protection, lightning protection and safety equipment – everything from a single source.

For high system availability and thus supply reliability.

External lightning protection and equipotential bonding

Here you will find components for a complete lightning protection system. Including components for the functional equipotential bonding and lightning equipotential bonding system.

Safety equipment – personal protection – arc-fault protection

DEHNcare PPE – Passive arc fault protection system

Top priority – the protection of your employees.  People working on transformer stations, for example, must be consistently protected. Personal protective equipment (PPE) provides optimum protection here. 

DEHNshort – Active arc fault protection system

An active system like DEHNshort offers you a construction measure which protects against arc faults.

  • it is installed directly in the switchgear assembly
  • it detects the arc fault as soon as it arises
  • it quenches it within milliseconds.

This optimises system availability, because only a fraction of the destructive energy of the arc fault is set free.



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