Lightning threatens city
DEHN protects

About us

DEHN provides innovative, unique and smart protection solutions, services and expertise in the fields of surge and lightning protection and safety equipment. These are customised for applications in buildings, the energy sector and the infrastructure. Our work revolves around our customers and their benefit; work which we pursue with responsibility, passion and team spirit - with experience, the highest demands on quality and consistent customer and market orientation. After all, as a leading and globally active family business we know what counts.

The company in numbers:

  • We have about 2,400 employees around the world
  • Including more than 120 in research and development and quality assurance
  • And more than 150 trainees
  • Our portfolio comprises over 4,000 devices and components.
  • We sell to 70 countries through our partners, 20 subsidiaries and our own offices.
  • We generate an annual turnover of €460 million.

Our executive board

left to right:

  • Christian Höhler
    Chief Technical Officer
  • Boris Wolff 
    Chief Sales Officer
  • Dr. Philipp Dehn
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Florian Bohlmann 
    Chief Finance Officer
  • Christian Köstler
    Chief Operations Officer

Company philosophy

Core values such as innovation, independence and sustainability have been the basis for the success of our fourth-generation family-owned company for more than 100 years.

In order to break new grounds, we rely on our know-how and realistic view of what is achievable. With persistence and entrepreneurial courage, we drive innovations to provide the maximum benefit to our customers. In the future, intensive research and development will remain a clear focus for us. We will support personal and professional development of our employees and actively promote the new generation.

The independence of our company and our entrepreneurial freedom are of utmost importance to us. Since the foundation of DEHN, the interests of the company and its employees have been in the hands of the DEHN family. Therefore, our plan for the future is to preserve this independence.

Our products protect persons and material assets. We save resources, protect the environment and have in place a quality management system. Our business activities reflect the top priority we attach to sustainability. Moreover, we take our responsibility for our customers and employees seriously. Our high-quality products and services form the basis for the growth and development in our core sectors.

Our vision for the future

DEHN is a globally leading specialist in the field of lightning protection and provider of smart protection solutions.

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