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Detailed info for plant construction and cathodic protection firms

Show specialist knowledge – offer competent advice

In most cases, it is the cathodic protection specialist or the plant construction firm that makes the operator aware of the need for a comprehensive lightning and surge protection concept. Many operators are also thankful for practical information regarding safety equipment and arc-fault protection.

That means: the more you know, the better your advice. There are much fewer wrong deliveries and problems for the customer with the initial operation. This saves you time, money and hassle … and, in the long-term, your image profits from it, too.

Be a competent and reliable partner for your customers.

You can find info material on all relevant themes on this page in the info package – all at a glance.

Product recommendation

Smart Decoupling Device VCSD for cathodic protection systems

The VCSD limits long-term AC voltages to a pre-set value. Without negatively affecting the corrosion protection potential of the pipeline (DC potential).
Ideally suited for protecting pipelines and storage tanks.

Info package

Data sheets, certificates, installation instructions

You will find all relevant data directly at the product in question.


Is my solution compatible with the existing system or plant areas?

We will happily help you to assess this question in a personal discussion.
Simply get in touch with our specialists for process technology: Team Oil and Gas or contact a DEHN customer consultant near you.

Test reports

Which testing regulations apply and how can I test systems and components?

Test reports make documentation and testing easier.


Field reports

Are any field reports available?

The companies are already putting their trust in DEHN products. Take a look at our references.


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