DEHNdetect protects wind turbines
DEHN protects wind turbines

DEHNdetect keeps you informed

Prevent expensive maintenance work and long downtimes.

The problem: Lightning damage frequently remains undetected in wind turbines as it often does not lead to the immediate failure of the system.

Upward lightning with an initial long stroke current of only a few 100A is the chief cause of damage such as melting on the receptors of the rotor blades.

In the long term, this damage can lead to turbine failure.

Retrofit now

Whether onshore or offshore: A lightning current measuring system is indispensable for wind turbines. If a lightning event is not evaluated in detail, downtime and unnecessary repair costs may be the consequence. What does this cost? Time, resources and a lot of money.

DEHNdetect sends lightning data in real time allowing you to specifically plan maintenance and service activities.

Your advantages:

  • The service life of your wind turbine is increased
  • The cost efficiency of the entire wind turbine is optimised
  • You save resources and do not strain your budget

DEHNdetect - a compact summary of what is important

Why a lightning current measuring system? What are the benefits of DEHNdetect? Which components does the system consist of?
In this video, our expert summarises the most important aspects of the DEHNdetect lightning current measuring system in just a few minutes.
(Note: Video WindEnergy Hamburg 2020)

Reliable monitoring - keeping a close eye on things

With DEHNdetect you can keep an eye on all the parameters of a lightning event.

Decisions about repair jobs or servicing work are then based on detailed information rather than gut instinct.

All important data at a glance

The DEHNdetect lightning current measuring system registers long stroke and impulse currents. Following a lightning event, you automatically receive an e-mail with detailed information. The rotor blade detection tells you exactly which rotor blade is affected. This optimises the preparation of maintenance work and avoids wasting time.

Data management in the cloud...

Very practical: All the data is transmitted to a cloud, either via the local network of the wind turbine or a mobile connection. Here you can display all the available lightning current measuring systems individually and read out and manage the parameters.

The possibility of connecting with various monitoring systems means that you are flexible, now and in the future.

... or on the company server

You would prefer to send your data to the company server than to a cloud? This does not present a problem either.


DEHNdetect: A made-to-measure solution for your requirements.
Contact us, we will be pleased to advise you.

DEHNdetect lightning current measuring system

This monitoring system keeps you in the picture. Whether for an individual turbine or a whole wind park, with DEHNdetect you always have data on the condition of your components close at hand. 


DEHNdetect consists of

A - Up to 3 rotor blade detectors
B - Measuring coil ICC IMP
C - Data logger and integrator

  • DEHNdetect Blitzstrom-Messsystem
  • DEHNdetect Einbauort Turmfuß
    Installation at the base of the tower
  • DEHNdetect Einbauort Übergang Gondel Turm
    Installation between the nacelle and the tower
  • DEHNdetect Einbauort Übergang Nabe Gondel
    Installation between the hub and the nacelle

The system detects

  • Impulse current [kA]
  • Long stroke current [A]
  • Load [C]
  • Specific energy [MJ/Ω]
  • Rise time [kA/μs]

It identifies the affected blade and notifies you in the SCADA system or online.

Choose the right installation point of the coil

  • At the base of the tower
  • Between the nacelle and the tower (e.g. around the azimuth system)
  • Between the hub and the nacelle

Your benefits with DEHNdetect

  • You are always up to date
  • You avoid subsequent damage
  • You optimise maintenance work and servicing
  • You reduce downtimes

Product information

DEHNdetect DDL

DEHNdetect DL

Data logger with different interfaces for integration into IT systems.

DEHNdetect Integrator

DEHNdetect integrator

Processing of the measuring signals and transfer to the data logger.


Rogowski coil for measuring long stroke and impulse currents, measuring range 60 A up to 250 kA.

DEHNdetect BDU

DEHNdetect BDU

Detector for the wireless detection of the lightning current in the rotor blade.

DEHNdetect video

Reliable detection of long stroke currents in wind turbines

Lightning current measuring system for reliably detecting lightning events with the aim of avoiding expensive maintenance work and long downtimes.

DEHNdetect registers both impulse and long stroke currents and keeps you informed. If you like, via push messages directly to your smartphone or tablet.

Upward flashes – a risk for wind turbines

Learn more about:

  • What are upward flashes?
  • How do they occur?
  • And why are ICConly events so dangerous for wind turbines?
Marjan Valand - Your contact for DEHNdetect

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