DEHN schützt die Ölindustrie
DEHNconcept Lightning Protection

Planning lightning protection systems for the process industry

From a risk analysis, to 3D planning, to implementation: For new plants and plant extensions.

A professional lightning protection concept holistically considers all system and building components on the basis of a risk analysis according to DIN EN 62305-2.

Especially in the process industry, planning is often challenging. Because the plants are large, complex and often include hazardous areas.

3D planning forms the optimal basis for precisely positioning all protective components.

3D planning in practice

This is how you record a complex system digitally:

  • based on 3D as-built drawings
  • via the 3D laser scanning process

All protected areas are displayed clearly and spatially. This is used as the basis for precisely positioning the air termination systems.

So that refineries, gas compressor stations, storage tanks and gas pressure control and measurement systems are reliably protected and always operate safely.

Lightning protection concept with DEHNconcept

  • DEHN schützt Raffinerien - Sonatrach
    Digitisation of a plant with a 3D laser scan
  • 3D-Bild DEHNconcept
    Illustration of the protected volume of a compressor station
  • DEHN schützt Verdichterstationen
    Lightning-protected telecommunications poles on a compressor station

Step 1 - Recording

Step 2 - Creating the concept

Step 3 - Implementation and approval

Explained step by step

Step 1 - Recording

Recording of the plant data based on as-built drawings or 3D laser scans.

Step 2 - Creating the concept

Planning of the entire protection concept by the DEHNconcept team.
You receive

  • as-built drawings
  • detailed drawings
  • written descriptions with images and design documentation
  • bills of materials.

Step 3 - Implementation and approval

Lightning protection contractors execute the lightning protection concept based on the 3D planning.
After the installation, approval is granted by a certified lightning protection contractor for hazardous areas. The approval report is part of the explosion protection document.

Your benefits with DEHNconcept:

Save on materials - reduce installation effort

The more precise the calculation of where and how many air-termination rods are needed, the more accurately the material requirements can be calculated. The 3D visualisation quickly shows where existing building parts can serve as elements of the protection concept.


Simplify procurement

The more precise the bills of materials and the detailed drawings are, the easier and faster the purchasing process will be.


Well prepared for retrofitting

All future expansions, modifications and annexes will be successively recorded in the 3D model. So, your model is always up to date.

Your benefits with 3D laser scanning

You need plans of a particularly complex plant?

Laser measurement technology captures all structural details and quickly provides you with a precise measurement of your buildings and plant components in a digital 3D model.

Simple preparation
You do not need to provide plans of your facility. You can also do away with laborious reconstructions using as-built drawings.

Your plant keeps running
The digitisation of your system takes place during operation. Even hazardous areas are scanned without any problems.

The 3D model from the laser scanning is the ideal basis for precise 3D lightning protection planning! In addition, it can be used for many other planning purposes.


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