Wall box
surge protection

DEHN protects charging equipment and vehicles.
Since space in the wall box is limited, the installation of surge protection is often challenging and complicated in practice.  DEHN has a fitting solution and a coherent overall protection concept for this.

The small big solution: DEHNcord 3P

As a type-2 and type-3 surge arrester, DEHNcord 3P meets all the relevant standards and offers reliable protection in the compact housing. With its variable installation options, it fits in almost every space.

Small, flexible, versatile – DEHNcord 3P is always the right solution for retrofits, too.
As a result, an additional housing can be avoided, which would otherwise increase costs and spoil the overall appearance.

DEHN products for surge protection in wall boxes

You are ideally set up with us: We offer you a comprehensive, useful and harmonised complete range of products for surge protection. For efficient planning, convenient purchasing, seamless installation and ongoing maintenance.


DEHNcord 3P

Compact surge arrester, installation either on DIN rail or with screw lug.

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Protects the wall box data supply. Universal surge arrester for protecting Ethernet interfaces.

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TYPE‑1 combined arrester for telecommunication interfaces VVDSL, SVVDSL. G.fast connections up to 1 Gbit.

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Equipotential bonding bar K12

For connecting to the local earthing system.

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Protection for wallbox and electric vehicle


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Brochure Properly protected – Safe charging Protection concepts for the charging infrastructure of electric mobility .pdf 2.3 MB
Flyer Selection guide – Lightning current and surge protective devices Protection concept for indoor and outdoor parking spaces .pdf 0.7 MB
Brochure Test Centre DEHN tests and analyses .pdf 1.6 MB
Brochure Dynamic Times Relax: DEHN protects residential buildings .pdf 3.4 MB
Brochure Selection matrix Lightning and surge protective devices for residential and office buildings .pdf 0.4 MB
Brochure DEHNcord 3P Protects wall boxes in the smallest spaces .pdf 0.3 MB
Reference DEHN protects. Intelligent charging systems for e-mobility by Hardy Barth GmbH .pdf 1.0 MB
Reference Spelsberg Charging infrastructure for electric mobility .pdf 0.9 MB

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