DEHN schützt Windkraftanlagen
DEHN protects wind turbines

Surge protective measures in the tower base

Selection of the protective devices for the tower base depends on the end of life behaviour required of the arrester. Based on what is the decisive factor for you, permanent system availability or the safe condition after overloading, you choose the arrester technology which best suits your needs.


Permanent availability of the system with DEHNguard

If your priority is the permanent availability of the system, arresters with a defined disconnection of the protective elements from the current circuit in case of overload are suitable for you.
Devices from the DEHNguard family suit this purpose. These are also available with an optional integrated backup fuse and remote signalling contact. The protection modules can simply be replaced when necessary.


Safe condition of the system with DEHN V SCP

You want to make sure that the system is in a safe condition after overloading? DEHN V SCP arresters are the perfect choice. Here, a defined short-circuit is produced in the protective device which disconnects the system being protected in case of overload.

Download DEHN V SCP Data sheet


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