WSCAD product macros

DEHN E-CAD article data for WSCAD

WSCAD provides fast and reliable E-CAD solutions for companies and freelancers at an excellent value for money.

The modular and scalable Software Suite provides users from the electrical engineering, switchgear manufacture, P&ID, fluid engineering, building automation and electrical installation sector with all tools required for engineering, development and documentation of electrical installations and systems. Standardisation, reuse and automation accelerate engineering and design time while ensuring higher quality of work results. Services such as workflow integration, consulting, training or digitalisation of paper documents and import of third-party E-CAD formats complete the portfolio.

Users will save a lot of time and improve the quality of the work results by importing the latest and tested article data of components directly into their schematic designs. Therefore, the article data of our products are available for download.

Data of our products are also available at, with more than one millions data the largest parts and symbols library for electrical CAD for both WSCAD and EPLAN users at no cost. Click here to register.

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