Lightning and surge protection for gas pressure control and measurement systems

Safety from extraction to consumption

Gas pressure control and measurement systems (GCMS) reduce the gas pressure from the transport network to the regional supply network. This also involves measuring the gas throughput volume invoiced to the power utility.

A direct lightning strike, transients or surges from the grid can lead to failure of the system or measurement technology. This can soon lead to bottlenecks in the gas supply for private households.

Safeguard pressure control - protect sensitive measurement systems

If the sensitive measurement system fails, it is not clear how much gas has been delivered. The grid operator then has to deal with frequent enquiries and the time-consuming process of finding a consensus.

It is especially annoying when the measuring devices are also damaged. Replacements are expensive and it takes time before they are up and running. This is primarily because all the components have to be calibrated.

Protect employees

There is a danger of explosion when lightning strikes ex areas; Either as a result of a direct strike or sparking caused by partial lightning currents and interaction.


Optimise system availability and protect sensitive measuring devices.
Be on the safe side with a comprehensive lightning and surge protection concept.


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