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DEHN protects offshore systems

Protection of investment against expensive repairs and downtime for offshore systems

A comprehensive lightning and surge protection concept is an extremely efficient way to prevent high repair costs and costly downtime at wind power plants.

If a wind turbine generator system fails due to a lightning strike, it may have expensive consequences: It is much more expensive to repair offshore than onshore systems. And once the damaged turbine is out of operation, high profit losses are also incurred.

A clever lightning and surge protection concept, also for transformer platforms, greatly increases the availability of a wind farm. Additional lightning current measuring systems, which transmit the lightning data to a monitoring system, make it easier to plan targeted service and maintenance work. This saves time and costs and ensures optimal system efficiency.

Special offshore connection distribution for medium-voltage cables

Connection distributors designed especially for your requirements - so you stay flexible in terms of the connection possibilities. All materials are durable and extremely corrosion resistant.

Further information on this topic is available from our Danish colleagues at DESITEK.


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