DEHN schützt Windkraftanlagen
DEHN protects wind turbines

Rotor protection

The rotor blades are a highly stressed part of the turbine. They require comprehensive protection against outside influences, e.g., lightning currents and surges. This can be achieved with a profound protection concept using DEHN products and constant monitoring.

Upward flashes present a risk to wind turbines

Always well-informed

As damage resulting from a lightning strike does not automatically lead to the immediate failure of the wind turbine, it is frequently overlooked.

Upward flashes are particulary dangerous in this context. Their initial long stroke current of just a few 100 A is the major source of damage, e.g., melting on the receptors of the rotor blades.

In the long term, this damage can lead to in system failure.

Due to the low flow of current, standard measuring systems often fail to fully detect upward flashes. DEHNdetect, on the other hand, registers both types of current: impulse current and the dangerous long stroke current.

Your benefit: You prevent expensive maintenance work and long downtimes.


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